Controversy over flavoured e-liquid - lets look at what we know

There has been a lot of talking recently about flavoured e-liquids causing lung related diseases, How much of this is true? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction, especially when trusted media sources are also responsible for helping to spread some of this misinformation, Whether its tobacco lobbyists paying them off or that they themselves are taking an anti-vaping stance. I'll leave that for you to decide yourself. What I would like to look at is what we know based on real world studies and information from reliable sources, one of those sources being Public Health England. Even though I am pro-vaping myself, i will always take an impartial and unbiased point of view.

As stated by Public Health England vaping e-cigarettes is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco, This is not the kind of statement they would make if it was not backed by research and scientific study's. This alone should be reason enough to make the switch!

After all it is about harm reduction, there are known chemicals that can cause harm if vaporised some of these are as follows diacetyl, Acetylpropionyl both of which are band additives in the UK, all e-liquids manufactured in the UK undergo stringent testing before they are aloud to be sold to the public and most UK manufactures are responsible and would not want them to be present in their juice anyway, there is another chemical that has been kicking up quite the fuss in America this one is known as Tocopheryl acetate or vitamin E acetate this has been used as a thinner in black market THC vaping cartridges and has been causing vaping-associated pulmonary injury's, so looking at this information it is reasonable to see where people have been drawing a coralation between this and conventional vaping (horizon bbc)

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