Learn about the current issues surrounding disposable vapes in the UK, including potential bans and illegal tank sizes. Discover the eco-friendly and cost-effective Xros 2 kit by Vaporesso as a reliable alternative.

Disposable vapes have been a popular choice for many due to their convenience, but recent issues in the UK have raised concerns about their safety and legality. Major supermarkets have removed disposables from their shelves after discovering they contain illegal levels of nicotine and tank capacities that exceed the UK legal limit of 2ml.

This has led to speculation that disposable vapes may face a potential ban. In light of these concerns, we at VIP Vapes have decided not to stock these items until there is more clarity on the subject.

However, we are committed to providing our customers with a reliable alternative that is both eco-friendly and cost-effective: the Xros 2 kit by Vaporesso.

The Current Issues Surrounding Disposables The recent findings on disposable vapes have raised serious questions about their safety and compliance with regulations. Some of the products were found to have tank capacities between 3 and 3.2ml, far exceeding the UK legal limit of 2ml. Additionally, these vapes contained illegal levels of nicotine, posing potential health risks to users.

Given these concerns, it is possible that disposable vapes could face a ban in the near future.

A Better Alternative While the fate of disposable vapes remains uncertain, the Xros 2 kit by Vaporesso offers a reliable and eco-friendly alternative. This innovative vaping kit is refillable, rechargeable, and designed with convenience in mind. It boasts a long-lasting 1000mAh built-in battery with USB-C fast charging, adjustable airflow, and an easy top-fill design. The Xros 2 kit provides a satisfying vaping experience while saving money and reducing environmental waste.

For a more detailed look at the Xros 2 kit and its benefits, we invite you to read our existing blog post Xros 2 vs disposables'.

Here, you'll find more information about the kit, recommended e-liquids, and how it can save you money and help the environment. Conclusion: As the issues surrounding disposable vapes continue to unfold, it's important to stay informed and consider better alternatives.

The Xros 2 kit by Vaporesso is a convenient and eco-friendly option that offers both cost savings and a superior vaping experience. Check out our in-depth blog post on the Xros 2 kit and make the switch to a more sustainable future.

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